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Identity Solutions

ID Cards, Travel Documents, Biometrics, RFID based Asset Tracking

We bring innovation not only in our technologies but also in the way we design our solutions and manage the project. Our suite of applications are tailored towards national e-governance objectives.

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Products and Services

Enhance e-governance with our solutions for Transportation, Immigration & Border Control, Civil Registry, Law Enforcement departments/ministries.

Our solution designs leverage advanced Service Oriented Architecture framework to achieve scalibility, security and high availibility. The resulting modular system has been successfully deployed to manage voter ID, national ID and drivers license programs, and ultimately control immigration, crime and public services.

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BiometricMatching Systems

Automated Fingerprint Identification System, Face Recognition, Latent Finger/Palm print Matching,  Iris Matching 

Renowned for speed and accuracy, our biometric matching systems have been successfully deployed in numerous national projects around the world. Our robust matching algorithms address most identity management challenges and ensure reliability and integrity of the underlying registry (database).

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We have extensive experience in building and deploying solutions for diverse geographic and cultural regions, including Bangladesh, Nepal, Tajikistan, Moldova and USA.

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