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Biometric Matching Systems

The integrity of a civil registry is achieved by biometric identifiers that correspond to a person uniquely - fingerprint, face, iris, voice and palm print.  Based on proprietary smart indexing, our highly accurate and efficient biometric matching algorithms dramatically reduce the hardware requirements of large-scale ID projects.



Decatur’s Automated Fingerprint Identification System is compliant with National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) standards. The speed and accuracy of its proprietary fingerprint matching technique makes it suitable for very large scale de-duplications. 

  • Ranked amongst top 3 in MINEX test by NIST
  • Good performance at FVC-onGoing test
  • Above 99.9% accuracy for two fingers matching according to PFT II test by NIST
  • Low template sizes 
  • Excellent image enhancement and segmentation capability
Face Recognition

Face Recognition

With a detection accuracy of nearly 100%, Decatur’s proprietary face matching technique is used for both verification (1:1) and identification (1:N). Its adjustable learning based Matching System is aided by robust facial feature localization that extracts facial features in different illumination and environmental conditions and generates an optimal face template.

  • Fast enrolling speed – 500 enrollment/second per GPU
  • Ultra-fast matching speed – 5,00,000  matches per core per second
  • Matching accuracy
    • ~0.01%  at FAR 0.001 for ICAO standardized images
    • ~0.27% at FAR 0.001 for any recognized frontal face databases (Non ICAO standard)
  • Field adjustable image resolution support
  • Support for diverse image & video formats
  • Low storage size - only 8 kB for a single image template
Iris Matching

Iris Matching

Our Iris Matching algorithm recently won the first place in Mobile Iris Challenge Evaluation II (MICHE II). It supports live enrollment from a digital iris scanner. The algorithm is highly accurate in identifying low quality images, and gives live feedback on the quality of the image. Key characteristics include:

  • Robust iris detection
  • Automatic interlacing detection and correction
  • Correct iris segmentation
  • Standard Compatibility -  ISO 19794-6(2005, 2010)
Voice Recognition

Voice Recognition

Decatur’s Voice recognition technology accurately identi­fies a speaker irrespective of the words spoken. Our proprietary algorithm implements voice enrollment and voice-print matching within different voice databases. The solution can be effectively integrated with other biometric technologies such as facial or ­fingerprint recognition systems.

  • Supports 1:1 matching and 1:N identi­fication
  • Employs proprietary noise removal and speech feature extraction techniques
  • Executes artifi­cially intelligent speech matching
  • Demonstrates fast matching speed with high accuracy rate
  • Requires minimal setup cost; easy to integrate with existing biometric systems
  • Supports both live and offline enrollment
  • Supports batch enrollment
Latent Fingerprint/Palm print

Latent Fingerprint/Palm print

Latent fingerprint/palm print verification is useful in forensic and  Criminal Investigation systems. Our latent print image enhancement tool simplifies the verification and editing process including finger/palm print rotation, image reversal, contrast/brightness adjustments and comprehensive search and review.

  • The image enhancement tool can load ten print card
  • Detect the ROI of the fingerprints and user can manually correct the ROI if needed
  • The minutiae are automatically detected
  • Matched image can be showed side by side for manual examination
  • Similarly palm print can be enhanced, searched, and examined
  • Supports partial prints