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About Us


A BriefHistory

Our core competency in ID technologies started more than a decade ago as part of SIVI Inc., a developer of sound and video based ID systems, widely used by numerous leading media companies. These technologies were later sold separately to major tech businesses including Yahoo and Adobe. 

In parallel, our team developed biometric and RFID-based identification systems that meet the same standards of exceptional accuracy and robustness against interference. Decatur's technologies are based on proprietary smart indexing, and our highly efficient matching algorithms dramatically reduce the hardware requirements of large-scale ID projects.


Continuous R & D

Highly skilled professionals dedicated to biometric analysis and algorithm development.  We also have collaborations with international universities for joint research on sub-modules/derivatives.

End-to-end Solutions

We help our clients with system deployment, data center set-up, system integration, data migration, training and support - all services needed to render a project operational.

Specialized Hardware

Decatur offers specialized hardware to meet some emerging needs in the industry. Together with our manufacturers, we have brought to market custom handheld devices (Moto-ID®), voting machines, passport scanners, etc.

Modular Design

Our solutions are field tested and this warrants their reliability. At the same time, the modular nature of the components allows for customization to meet the needs of a project to perfection.



Decatur follows best practices and international standards that are applied to all relevant practices, services and products.

  • Quality Management: We systematically monitor operational processes and outcomes, to assess and inprove customer satisfaction and business functions.
  • Equality of Opportunity: Decatur’s diversity and inclusion philosophy policies are built upon compliance, equal opportunity and affirmative action principles. 
  • Smart and Green: Decatur incorporates environmental considerations into opertional and procurement processes, focusing on energy efficient and environmental friendly goods and services.