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Products and Solutions

Our solutions are field tested and this warrants their reliability. At the same time, with the modular nature of the components, customization is done to meet the needs of a project to perfection. 

Driver’s License

Driver’s License

The driver’s license solution records a driver’s photograph, fingerprints and signature, along with demographic details. The data is used to personalize highly secured and rugged smart card with encrypted chip.

Decatur’s solution includes:

  • Biometric enrollment/registration
  • Application processing and issuance automation
  • AFIS for de-duplication
  • Card printing and inventory management
  • Card life-cycle management
  • Driver verification service


e-Passports are being increasingly adopted worldwide as the preferred machine readable travel document. Passport and identity inspection systems used by airlines and border control authorities can precisely match documents to people, authenticate data in the documents, and efficiently process travelers through checkpoints.

We offer end-to-end solutions for passport issuance, as well as:

  • E-visa System
  • Border Control/Immigration Management
  • E-gates
National ID

National ID

Focused on security and scalability, our registration and enrollment solutions are ideal for large and very large scale ID applications that include, among many others:

  • Census Registration and National ID
  • Voter Registration and Electoral Roll
  • Healthcare & Welfare Benefits Management
  • Business entities like banks and airlines to verify the identity of their customers.

Decatur’s National ID solution uses its Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) to ensure that there are no false, ghost or duplicate records in the citizen registry.


Electronic Voting

Electronic Voting

E-voting makes use of dedicated and secure terminals, either in the form of tablets or kiosks, to facilitate the voting process. It includes:


  • Each biometric voting machine (BVM) is preloaded with records pertaining to its polling station.
  • BVM verifies a voter by matching his/her live fingerprint against data stored on the voter’s ID card as well as against the record preloaded in the BVM.
  • The ballot is displayed in a voting pad that provide audio and visual prompts.
  • The device meets the requirements of FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Certification for the cryptographic module, with tamper-evident physical security mechanisms and offering a high probability of detecting and responding to attempts at physical access, use or modification of the cryptographic module.
  • A web based application facilitates election management (candidate and precinct set up), assigns EVMs to polling stations, and publishes aggregated voting results.
Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracking

Decatur provides extensive RFID solutions for asset tracking, event management and access control. The Vehicle Tracking System leverages RFID tags attached to vehicles to identify vehicles on the move in real time. This facilitates:

  • Easy detection of unregistered vehicles
  • Criminal investigation and apprehension
  • Toll collection
  • Traffic management




MotoID® is an application software installed on a handheld reader to facilitate the identification of vehicles and smart cards. This rugged yet attractive light weight device can capture photo and fingerprint, read smart cards and RFID tags and communicate data through WiFi and GPRS networks.

These custom devices are being extensively used 'on-the-road' by traffic police, for:

  • Driving License verification
  • Vechicle Registration checks
  • Traffic Violation ticketing


Decatur provides solutions for many identity based undertakings, including but not limited to:

  • Driver’s License Exam Management
  • Vehicle Registration (with Title/Ownership cards)
  • License Plate Manufacturing System
  • Criminal Investigation and Verification System
  • Event Access Management
  • RFID based Asset Tracking


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